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Vegan Balm Base (Beeswax Free)

Vegan Balm Base (Beeswax Free)

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Use as an all over body balm or the perfect base for some DIY. Or both!

The Balm Base is a multi-tasking unscented skin food that nourishes all over. It can also be used as a base to add your own oils.

Small batch made by hand mindfully on the Northern Beaches of Sydney with love & is completely free from, toxins, aluminium, parabens, talc’s, palm oils, or other nasty stuff, it’s proudly vegan & cruelty-free.

Use on body & face to soothe irritated skin including eczema, cracked nipples, heals or anything else that needs some love. Thick & rich a little goes a long way with this balm & can be used for multiple tasks!

  • Body balm - all-over coverage

  • Nighttime face balm - a light coverage to feed the skin whist you catch some z’s

  • Lip balm - a touch to moisten & gloss

  • Nipple balm - rubbed gently over cracked nipples as needed

  • Baby butts - natural oils to provide a moisture barrier & butters to soothe

  • Hair conditioner - a touch in the ends prior to washing or ocean swimming

  • Skin conditions - eczema, psoriasis & irritated skin

  • Sensitive skin - no nasties, no scents, no oils to irritate

  • Cracked heals - pop a light layer over & pop those feet up to rest!

Using the guide below add your own oils to the balm to create whatever you desire. Choose sweet citrus oils for an everyday moisturiser, peppermint for an invigorating lip balm or citronella to ward off the summertime bugs!

Love*, unrefined Shea Butter,* coconut oil*, virgin hemp seed oil*, candelilla wax - *denotes certified organic


Essential oils are very powerful & less is more.  The below is a guide only & specific needs & concerns must be taken into consideration.


  • 1% dilution per 10gms of balm = 2 drops - Use on face
  • 2.5% dilution per 10gms of balm = 5 drops - General body use

** Use a 1% dilution on children age 2-10, facial applications, the elderly or sensitive skin - always stay on the conservative side when using oils. 

Please check the oils are ok for the application before using ie some oils are photosensitive & cannot be used on areas that would be exposed to sunlight.


Glass jars are recyclable & the aluminium lids are infinitely recyclable but we prefer you give them a good wash & repurpose them for all the bits & bobs.

Labels have been printed using 100% recycled, non-chlorine bleached, alternative fibre papers, organic-based non-toxic inks and solar power to further reduce environmental impacts.